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“Let curiosity be greater than your fear.”
Pema Chödrön,Tibetan Buddhist

I believe that at the heart of teaching is curiosity of learning itself, with an open enquiring mind essential for growth, understanding and gathering of new skills. I collaborate with like-minded coaches and body movement specialists such as breathwork instructors, physios and yoga therapists to exchange knowledge and skills to pass on to my students.

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In 2015 I created my first kids yoga book, Ommie’s Magical Garden, with the goal to introduce children aged 3-8 to yoga and to breathing techniques helping improve their physical and emotional wellbeing through fun and imaginative yoga stories. In 2018, I wrote and illustrated a second kids yoga book, Ommie’s Journey into Calm, to help kids learn about active stillness, inner peace and self-soothing. All the story’s yoga poses can be done in bed, making it a perfect bedtime storybook to help prepare kids for a restful sleep. In 2021 A-Z yoga and mindfulness cards followed, 32 cards with illustrations of animals and easy to copy kids yoga poses, which is fun to do as a family activity.

I am also working as a brand consultant and web designer, as part of the multi-disciplinary design company putting all my creativity into action to help bring brands to life, establishing sustainable branding solutions and designing imaginative websites.



Qualification as an advanced breathwork instructor.

2022: Qualification as an breathing for yoga instructor

2019: With over 4500 teaching hours, licenced as Trainer Pro by the Yoga Alliance to teach yoga teacher training courses.


2009: Stotts Pilates mat work instructor.

2009: Ashtanga 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher training with Dr. Paul Dallaghan at



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“What we know is a drop. What we don't know is an ocean.”
Isaac Newton

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