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Yoga & Breathwork Retreat for better clarity, to improve your focus and to energise your body.
11. - 16. May 2025 • Tavira, Portugal

Join me, Nicky and Pete Winch for a relaxing and rejuvenating 6 day Slow Flow Yoga, Pilates and Breathwork retreat in the hills above the charming ancient town of Tavira, Portugal.

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The Retreat

• Slow flow yoga in the morning and a restorative practice in
the evening with Sirkka
• Shamanic and holotropic breathwork sessions with Pete

• Hikes in the beautiful surrounding Tavira countryside
• Ayuverdic massage with hot oil available with trained therapist for 1hr @ £45 / €50 (book in advance)
• Pilates available on request with Nicky, who is an experienced and fully qualified Pilates teacher
• Maximum of 10 guests

What to expect:
• 5 nights accommodation at the beautiful farmhouse Monte Do Alamó, renovated with love and passion by Inés and Rosario, nestled in the peaceful countryside overlooking the sea and the ancient town of Tavira
• Fresh seasonal home-made mediterranean meals and nutritious snacks
• The rooms and suites are spacious, comfortable, individually decorated and with free Wi-Fi access, AC / heating, offering single or shared occupancy
• Enjoy walks into town (20mins) or hikes into the Tavira's beautiful surrounding areas

Double: £750 each for a couple sharing the room in a double bed or £1,400 for single occupancy (booked already)
Double/Twin Sea 1: £900 each for a couple sharing the room in twin beds or £1,650 for single occupancy (booked already)

Double/Twin Sea 2: £900 each for a couple sharing the room in twin beds or £1,650 for single occupancy (booked already)
Double/Twin Garden: £985 each for a couple sharing the room in twin beds or £1,850 for single occupancy (booked already) 
Sea Suite: £1,100 each for a couple sharing the room in twin beds or £2,100 for single occupancy
Garden Suite: £985 each for a couple sharing the room in a double bed or £1,850 for single occupancy

Not included in the price:
• Flights, transfer and taxis
• Alcoholic beverages

• Massages and 1-2-1's


For more information or to book, please contact:

  • What is holotropic breathwork?
    In the 1970s Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina explored how altered states of mind, or consciousness, could affect individuals and how it could help in traditional counseling and psychoanalytic therapy. They developed a breathing method called Holotropic Breathwork at the Ellen Institute in Big Sur, California USA to help people bring suppressed feelings to the conscious mind. Through this new experimental method, they learnt that fast and deep breathing triggering the ‘fight and flight’ response which makes us panic or anxious, could also affect our brain positively. Breathing in this rapidly and deep pattern can bring about a dream-like experience, or altered state of consciousness and through it access parts of your consciousness that are hard to reach.
  • What does the word ‘holotropic’ mean?
    The word ‘holotropic’ comes from the Greek words ‘holos’,which means ‘whole’ and ‘trepein', meaning ‘to move in the direction of something', moving towards wholeness.
  • How do you do holotropic breathing?
    Always do holotropic breathing with a certified breathwork practitioner and consult your doctor or health practitioner before participating in a holotropic practice. The breathwork session is usually conducted with you lying down comfortably on a yoga mat. The practice should be performed in a safe environment, away from water. If required, use bolsters, cushions and a blanket so that you will be comfortable throught the breathing session. You close your eyes and follow your practitioner’s instruction. Begin to breathe fast and deep in an even pattern. Continuously breathe rapid without pauses between inhales and exhales. Your instructor will encourage you to make any movements or sounds that just come naturally. The fast breathing technique continuous for anywhere between 30 up to 50 minutes, or even longer. Often, beautiful music, or drumming is played during the session to help you enter an altered state of consciousness. Holotropic breathwork sessions are mostly done in group settings and should always be conducted by a certified breathwork instructor.
  • What are the benefits of holotropic breathing?
    It may help relieve mental health conditions such as: Anxiety Depression Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Substance use disorder Negativity Tension Chronic stress Emotional release
  • What happens when you breathe in a holotropic way?
    Mostly people say that they exeperience an emotional release. It can be manifest in feelings of sadness or bursts of anger. You may sob, and your body shakes. Others experience a profound sense of happiness and it can be very relaxing.
  • Can holotropic breathing be stressful for people who are anxious?
    It is different for each person, but mostly people say that holotropic breathing has helped them dissolve unresolved emotions which are stored in the mind and body and that the rapid breathing helps them to ‘unlock’ stuck emotions and which is followed by a deep sense of relief.
  • What are the physical benefits of holotropic breathing?
    It can help to: Boost your immunity Release physical and emotional stress Promote the release of toxins from your bloodstream and tissue Lower your blood pressure and increase blood circulation Boost your immune system Create new neuropathways in your brain Improve your digestion Promote mental clarity, focus and creativity
  • Can anyone practice holotropic breathing?
    Holotropic breathwork is not recommended for people who are pregnant or are breastfeeding. Always consult a doctor or health practitioner before participating in a holotropic breathwork session to ensure it is safe for you.
  • What is 'Slow Flow Yoga'?
    Usually in flow yoga classes, you can expect to move in sync with your inhale and exhale, however, in 'Slow Flow Yoga', you are holding the yoga poses for longer, often for several breaths at a time. This slower moving, or remaining in poses for longer helps to make sure that the poses are done correctly which is gerat for beginners making it a safe yoga practice. There are fewer transitions between poses than, for example, a Vinyasa flow yoga class. Slow Flow Yoga can help you find the space between poses while still retaining the gentle rhythm of your breath.
  • What type of breathing do you do during the Slow Flow Yoga?
    Throughout the yoga class the emphasis lies with slowing down the breathing to about 6 breaths per minute and taking in a little less air volume per breath too (about 30% less). The benefit here is to bring about a calm in the mind stimulating the para sympathetic nervous system. Primarily, the emphasis of this practice is to focus the mind, and secondarily to bring flexibility and strength into your body with the overall outcome to be able to 'self regulate', learning to disengage from thoughts coming into the mind and becoming more present in the moment.
  • What is Yin Yoga?
    The name 'Yin' comes from Yin Yang philosophy reflecting the balance between opposing forces. More energetic styles of yoga like Ashtanga yoga are considered 'yang' as they are faster flowing and can incoporate strong yoga poses while 'yin' yoga poses are aiming to balance these energetic practices with calm, and deeper stretches holding the poses for lolnger periods. Yin yoga at our retreat will be held in the afternoons, and as the second yoga session of the day, this gentle yoga practice will help you to slow down, relax physically and mentally and turn inward. It helps to alleviate stress and restore your energy levels.

The venue

Monte do Álamo is an expertly converted portuguese farm house merging the modern with the ancient design gracefully. It is located in the hills of the quiet countryside overlooking Tavira.

There are only 6 rooms available making it an exlusive and perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy complete tranquillity. The rooms are all stylishly designed and with unique interiors and original artworks, all with ensuite bathrooms. Two rooms have garden views to the front of the house and four rooms offer stunning views of the sea and the ancient town of Tavira. From this hill top perch, it is a 15-20 minute walk to Tavira, either by country lane or down hill via scrub land.

Transfers from Faro airport take about 30 minutes.

The food

The delicious cuisine is no doubt one of the highlight of staying at Monte do Alamo.

Food is served either indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. The breakfast / brunch served after the morning yoga includes home made breads and cakes, porridge, organic scrambled eggs, homemade yoghurt, fruit salad, local cheeses and honey, dips, fresh orange juice and strong coffee – it is a feast on the senses and simply delicious.

Snacks of nuts, fruit and figs from the farm and coffee and tea are served before the morning yoga and mid afternoon.

Dinner is usually served as alfresco dining in the stylishly designed outdoor living room. It consists of a 3 course vegetarian meal and local wines to choose from (alcohol is an additional cost). All food is homemade by Ines, using local produce and is simply mouthwatering day after day thoughout your stay. Monte do Alamo also hosts cooking classes with people coming from far away to learn how to cook these wonderful meals.

If you have any specific dietary requiremeents, please let us know before participating in our retreat, thank you.

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The town

Tavira is a most charming ancient town in the Algarve with its cobbled streets and tiled houses. The city lies along the Gilao river with its history steeped in Moorish influences apparent in its architecture.

The town has many cafes and individual shops to wile the time away. There are many decorative churches you can explore. Just south of Tavira you can find the protected waterways and mudflats of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa as well as beautiful sandy beaches.

There are many hikes and trails to explore around Tavira too, whether you are walking around the salt pans to see the centuries-old tradition of salt production, along the sea or hike sin the hills to swim in ponds formed by waterfalls, it gives many unexpected vistas of the Tavira’s surroundings.


5 stars.png

5 out of 5 stars for activities, location of retreat and duration.

It was an extraordinary week! And the trust within our group made us more willing to try new experiences. Monte do Alamo was such a beautiful unique place, perfect for a relaxing and rejuvenating week.

P. H.

Pete is a master and passionate of his trade. This was my first experience of Breathwork, l enjoyed learning that there is so much more than just breathing! The breath can heal us Spiritually, emotionally and physically. Thank you, Pete, for a new experience.

K. F.

The most wonderful week, very relaxed, just how I had wanted it. Wonderful food, thank you, Ines and Rosario! And perfect amount of yoga and breathwork, excellent guidance. Loved the sea swims and hikes. I've had a wonderful week, thank you.


I had researched a little on breathwork prior to this trip to Portugal but this experience exceeded all my expectations. Pete was very sensitive in his approach which allowed me to release buried emotions. A totally beautiful memory, I will hold on to forever.

T. L.

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