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Breathwork, yoga & meditation classes and workshops to help create peace in your mind, feel good in your body, and find joy in your soul.


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Yoga and Breathwork sessions to help bring more balance into your life – physically, mentally and for that 'deep in your belly' great feeling.


Breathwork training via zoom in the comfort of your home or in person where possible, for anyone who wants to improve their breathing to help optimise health, mental clarity and performance.

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  • 1-2-1 personal zoom session:

  • COST: 60mins = £75

  • Where: Via Zoom in the comfort of your home,

  • or where possible in person.

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for Focus


  • Corporate Team – Breathing for Focus

  • COST: 30mins initial consult (FREE) and 4 x 60mins = £499

  • Group of up to 8 people

  • Where: Via Zoom in the comfort of

  •  your home, or where possible in person.

One to one or group personal Oxygen Advantage breathwork training via Zoom to fit into your daily life. This practice is for every body; whether you're getting your health back on track, whether you are performance-driven, tired or stressed – this breathwork practice will help you to thrive, to live, to grow.

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Reconnect with your body through this slow flow yoga class. It will help increase your flexibility, build strength and calm your mind.

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Flow Yoga

  • DATES: Wednesdays 3. Jan - 7. Feb 2024

  • TIME: 9.00 -- 10.00am

  • COST: £72 for the course (20% off for CYC members) £15 drop in

  • Where: Chichester Yacht Club, Chichester Marina, PO20 7EJ

The yoga classes are open to all, CYC Members and non-members. A basic understanding of yoga is recommended. If you are new to yoga, please book an intro session before committing to the course. Please bring your own mat. More info

Yoga for men: If you prefer not to exercise in a mixed session, then this class is for you. This yoga course will help improve your flexibility, maximise your athletic performance, increase your strength and help you better focus.

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Yoga for Men

  • DATES: Thursdays 4. Jan - 8. Feb 2024

  • TIME: 18.30 --19.30

  • COST: £72 for the course, £15 drop in

  • Where: Itchenor Sailing Club, The Lane, West Itchenor, Chichester PO20 7AG

The yoga classes are open to ISC members and non-members. If you are new to yoga, please book an intro session before committing to the course. Please bring your own mat and a couple of blocks. More info

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Wonderful, you found my website!


I am Sirkka – Breathwork, Yoga and Mindfulness for me is a personal journey. Naturally, this journey is different for each and every one of us. For me, it does not only happen on the yoga mat it extends to all actions of every day life with my aim to spread kindness, respect and compassion. At times, this is easier said than done, and I come to realise that it's a life long practice.


I am a qualified Oxygen Advantage breathwork instructor, Yoga Alliance Trainer Pro and Stotts Pilates instructor, and I combine my passion for wellbeing with my creative skills as a graphic designer to navigate my life with the intention to help you create peace in your mind, feel good in your body and find joy in your soul – and have fun on the way!

I also teach children's yoga, create yoga story books and A-Z yoga cards for children aged 3-8. If you're interested, find out more on

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